Hong Kong Visa for Pakistani Citizens-Application, Requirements

The Visa application process is very challenging sometimes for naive candidates. To overcome the problem for the candidates we give you complete details about that visa from A to Z. Today the blog is all about the Hong Kong Visa for Pakistani Citizens. Here we will tell you the benefits of this Visa deeply.

For Pakistanis to visit Hong Kong, they must apply for a visa. One way to do this is through the online services offered by the Hong Kong Immigration Department. This method allows you to apply online without visiting the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan for a Hong Kong Visa.

To get a successful application for a visa, complete an online form and submit it with your passport and financial proof; the process can take up to 4 weeks. Once your visa is approved, you’ll be notified by email and must pay the visa fee for the visit. After that process, the visa will be issued and sent to you. If you need help with the process, O.S.O.S. Travel & Tours is a good option to choose from. Our dedicated team specializes in Hong Kong visa processing and can assist you without any annoyance.

If you are looking for a Hong Kong visa travel agent in Pakistan, you are at the right place. Just Contact us with any questions related to the Visa, and we will proceed with your visa without difficulty. If you are familiar with then you know that Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China located on the eastern coast of the Pearl River estuary. Hong Kong is known for its beautiful skyline, Victoria Harbour, night light show, and theme park Disneyland. Hong Kong has a rich cultural heritage, with museums, temples, markets, and landmarks such as The Peak, Big Buddha, and the Avenue of Stars well-known locations. It is a major financial center and a popular tourist destination, offering a blend of modern and traditional experiences for the best recreation.

Requirements for Hong Kong Visa for Pakistani Citizens

Applicants for a Hong Kong visa must need these required documents:

  1. A valid passport or travel document
  2. A recent passport-sized photograph
  3. National identity card (I.D.)
  4. A recent passport-sized photograph
  5. A completed visa application form
  6. Proof of financial means such as bank statements or credit card statements of Applicants.
  7. Business registration and incorporation
  8. Business Letter Head
  9. N.T.N.
  10. Chamber of Commerce ( If Available )
  11. Tax Returns ( If Available )
  12. Proof of onward or return travel arrangements Tickets of Applicant.
  13. A letter of invitation from the Hong Kong-based company or a letter of guarantee from the applicant’s company for verification.
  14. Hotel booking

It is important to note that visa requirements and documents can change or differ in Hong Kong S.A.R.; Pakistani citizens must obtain a visa before traveling to Hong Kong. To apply for a visa, an applicant can visit a Chinese visa application service center or submit your application directly to the Hong Kong S.A.R. Immigration Department by email. Be sure to follow the guidelines and provide all necessary documents. The processing time for your application can take up to approximately one month. There may be fees associated with the visa application, which can be seen on the Hong Kong S.A.R. Immigration Department’s website. 

There are two methods for Hong Kong visas for Pakistanis.

  1. Hong Kong visa for Pakistani through the China Embassy
  2. Hong Kong visa for Pakistani through Online Hong Kong Immigration Portal

Simple Online Application Methodology

Pakistan’s Online Visa System is now open for the citizens of 175 Countries in the world. Moreover, citizens from 50 Countries are capable of applying for a Visa On Arrival under the Tourist Category, and citizens from 95 Countries are qualified to apply for a Visa on Arrival under the Business Category. Also, Taiwanese and Indian passport holders will be able to submit manual visa applications in hard copy at the Consulate.

Hong Kong visa for Pakistanis through the China Embassy

This is the second method you may submit your application in person to the Chinese Embassy (the Embassy will forward your application to the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government for processing) or mail your application directly to the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government for further visa process.

Follow the guidelines for a visa for Hong Kong S.A.R. of China and prepare the required supporting documents with your application. (For specific information, please log onto the H.K. Immigration Department of HKSAR Government website)

Business Visa

  • For business visas, duly fill in the relevant Visa Form with 04 sets duly notarized from the Notary Public in Taiwan if the applicant is from a third country.
  • Original passport along with a photocopy of passport (first page)
  • A passport should be valid for a minimum period of 06 months.
  • 04 Photographs must be affixed to the Visa application Form (White background)
  • Invitation Letter from Pakistan (provided by the Vendor/Sponsor) & Recommendation Letter from concerned Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Pakistan
  • Company’s Sponsor Letter with the name of the Company & Nature of the Business
  • Previous Travel History of Pakistan

Family & Tourist Visa

  • Letter of Invitation from Pakistan with Invitee’s I.D. copy & contact details in Pakistan
  • Travel itinerary
  • Confirmation of Hotel Reservation
  • One return envelope with the address and postal code typed on it.
  • The Fee must be enclosed with the visa application.
  • Any other document(s) that can be helpful in the processing of the visa application


  • visa fee of HK$ 400 & return Courier charges or prepaid return envelope with complete address and postal code
  • NOTE – The Consulate shall not be responsible for any loss of documents or Fee
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