HSF Scholarship Fund Recommendation 2024- Complete Information/FAQS

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HSF Scholarship Fund Recommendation

There are some critical questions related to the HSF Scholarship Fund Recommendation. So, students must read them carefully. It will guide you through everything related to the HSF Scholarship Fund Recommendation.

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Suppose a student is applying for an HSF Scholarship and cannot find where to add the contact information of my recommenders. How does a student request a recommendation through the MyHSF portal?

Recommendations will only be requested from candidates who advance to Phase II of the HSF Scholar application (Finalists). The application that opens on January 1st and closes on February 15th does not require any recommendations.

Applicants selected as Finalists in March will see the request form within their MyHSF portal as part of their Phase II application. This is an important question related to the HSF Scholarship Fund Recommendation.

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Who should I indicate as my recommender for HSF?

Recommenders are persons you have asked to complete an online recommendation form on your behalf as part of your HSF Scholar application. For a student application to be considered complete, at least one (1) completed academic recommendation must be submitted.

Applicants’ academic recommender must be an instructor, an advisor/counsellor, or someone who can evaluate them academically (e.g., academic performance, motivation, plans, and goals).

Please note that recommendations from family members, friends, and other close friends will not be accepted.

Students must ask your recommenders’ permission before submitting their names and email addresses to us. Applicants must be sure they have agreed to complete the online recommendation form for you, and let them know that they will receive an email from us on how to proceed within 24 hours after the student has submitted Phase II of your HSF Scholar application. This is an important question related to the HSF Scholarship Fund Recommendation.

HSF suggests student must provide their recommenders with an updated resume to assist them in filling out their forms.

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Where do students list my recommenders on the HSF Scholar application, and how will they be notified?

Finalist students will be prompted to list recommenders’ contact information on the application. Recommenders will receive an email within 24 hours after the student submits his/her HSF Scholar application (Phase II).

Once the recommender receives the link via email, they will be prompted to create an HSF scholarship account. Recommenders must complete the electronic recommendation form online for the Applicant. All online recommendation forms must be submitted by April 15th of every year.

Some email security systems block emails from the HSF scholarship portal. Therefore, we encourage all recommenders to check their spam folders regularly. It will help you to get a chance to study in the USA. This is an important question related to the HSF Scholarship Fund Recommendation.

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Suppose a student has been out of school for two (2) years or more. Who can I ask to be a recommender?

Suppose Applicants have been out of school for two or more years. In that case, your recommendation may come from a non-academic recommender familiar with your work and holds a position more significant than your title. The recommendation should evaluate the Applicant’s intellectual capabilities and work ethic. Non-academic recommenders can be colleagues in their respective fields of work or anyone in a managerial position who has worked closely with you (such as a boss or volunteer coordinator).

What is the student recommender’s deadline to submit the online recommendation form for my HSF Scholar application?

All online recommendation forms must be submitted by April 15th each year.

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What if a student recommender is having technical difficulties logging into the recommender site?

On the MyHSF sign-in page, recommenders can click ‘Forgot Your Email?’ or ‘Forgot Your Password?’ to retrieve their login information. If the issue continues, the

The applicant recommender should contact HSF immediately via the Message Center.

How do student update their online applications if their personal information changes?

Once your HSF Scholar Program application has been submitted, the student will not be allowed to make any changes to the application. However, if the Applicant’s contact information changes, you can log into your MyHSF profile to update your current mailing address, phone number, and email address anytime.

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Does the Applicant need to update my information if I am selected as a Scholar?

Suppose the selected student is to move forward in the HSF Scholar selection process. In that case, HSF will request that you confirm/update the Applicant’s financial aid information(including submission of the FAFSA), GPA, the institution you will attend in the fall, your class level, and the student’s major or field of study.

When will the Applicant be notified of the status of my application?

The selection process for HSF scholarship consists of three stages: Submitted, Finalists, and Selected Scholar. Selected students must submit their FAFSA, transcript, financial aid award letter, and enrollment verification form to be officially confirmed. Scholars who receive funding (a scholarship award) will be disbursed from October to January of each year.

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Timeline for HSF Scholarship Fund Recommendation

January – The HSF Scholar Program application opens on January 1st and closes on February 15th.

March – Scholars are announced and must submit recommendations, transcripts, the SAR, and an essay.

May/June – Applications given the highest scores by our readers will be selected as Students. At this point, Scholars will either be notified if the Applicant has received a monetary award (funded) or if they were waitlisted for an award (waitlisted). In both cases, Candidates are eligible for HSF support services and conferences upon completing the verification process.

June to September – All students must submit their financial aid award letter.

September to November – Students must submit their enrollment verification form.

October to December – Candidates who receive funding will be disbursed between October and December.

Candidates who are waitlisted for an award may not receive an initial award but will continue to be considered for an award if additional funding becomes available during the current award cycle. Candidates who do not receive an award will have access to all of the same services and resources that awarded HSF Scholars do, except for the monetary award.

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When should I expect my disbursement if the student is selected for a scholarship award?

Scholarship awards are disbursed to the selected Students in the fall/winter months of the year (October to December). All scholarship awards are contingent upon proof of full-time enrolment and the candidate’s total financial aid package.

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