Islamic Bank Scholarship 2024-Fully Funded

Hello, everyone welcome to, Today our topic is all about the Islamic Bank Scholarship in the year 2024. This is one of the best scholarships for Islamic States. The article contains authentic and complete information about this program so stay with us and read the article completely.

Islamic Bank Scholarship is a remarkable opportunity for students who want to get scholarships in Bachelor Master and Ph.D. degree Programs. The main objective of this scholarship is to improve the Muslim Communities in both member and non-member countries. This program helps motivated, passionate, and talented students achieve their goals with new ideas for innovation development.

The Scholarship offers equal opportunities and benefits to both male students as well to female students to contribute to their communities. The Islamic Development Bank Scholarship covers all the expenses of the students and the purpose is to help students achieve their national and global objectives.

The Islamic Bank Scholarship provides financial funding for international students to pursue higher education. Islamic Development Scholarship not only helps students with study expenses but also gives some grants to start their small businesses and small startups. Islamic Development Scholarship also gives students loans to their home countries so it also helps students.

The Islamic Bank Scholarship 2024 program goals to improve the socio-economic conditions of Member Countries and Muslim communities by developing competent professionals who can contribute to their country’s development so come and get a fully funded scholarship from IsDB. The Islamic Bank program includes scholarships for bachelor’s degree programs, master’s degree programs, Ph.D. degree programs, vocational training of the students, and least developed member countries so never miss this wonderful opportunity.

Islamic Development Bank has shared with reputable universities, ministries of higher education, and international development institutions to achieve the aim of providing maximum scholarships. Islamic Development Scholarship also aims to build future leaders for the highest development index in their countries so come and get a fully funded scholarship in the year 2024.

Important Summary About Islamic Bank Scholarship 2024

Host University: Islamic Bank Development
Degree Program: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, Post-doctoral, Training
Deadline: April 30, 2024
Program Duration: According to the Selected program
Fully Funded: Yes
Students Eligibility: Muslim/Muslim Community
Worth: Allowances

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How to get an Islamic Development Bank scholarship? 

Eligibility Criteria For the IsDB Scholarship
  1. The Student must be from a Muslim state so he or she will be part of the Islamic Development Scholarship 2024.
  2. Students must be Muslim they don’t need to belong to a Muslim Country for the Islamic Bank Scholarship
  3. The Students must be from the Muslim community of the member states and be eligible for the Islamic Development Scholarship.
  4. If the students are from non-member states, they must be from the Muslim community so they can apply for this scholarship.
  5. The students must have a high school diploma or must be enrolled in one of the top public universities in their home countries so they are highly recommended for the Islamic Bank Development program.
  6. The students must not have less than 70% marks in their high school or their Bachelor’s while applying for an undergraduate or Master’s degree program because the Islamic Bank Scholarship needs talented and motivated students to be admitted.
  7. The students must have a relevant degree from the given list of degree programs while applying for the Master’s Degree program so they are eligible for the Islamic Development Scholarship.
  8. The student must have a relevant Ph.D. and two years of related research experience while applying for the Post-Doc program in the Islamic Development Scholarship.
  9. The student must not be a recipient of any other scholarship so they are highly eligible for the Islamic Development Scholarship 2024.

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Benefits of IsDB Scholarship 2024

  1. The students will be provided with a monthly stipend in this scholarship program.
  2. The tuition fee will be funded by the Islamic Development Scholarship.
  3. No Application fees are not required.
  4. The travel costs of the students will be covered by the program.
  5. The students’ medical insurance will be covered till the completion of the course with the help of IsDB.
  6. The students will be given interest-free loans to start businesses and start their businesses with the help of IsDB.
  7. Thesis/scientific paper preparation also helps the students
  8. Conference allowance for Ph.D. scholars will also provided

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What are the scholarships in Islamic banking?

  1. The (SPMC) Islamic Scholarship Programme for Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries is one of the best options for eligible students
  2. The IsDB Master’s Scholarship Program 2024 is also available for eligible students.
  3. The IsDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology (MSP) is also available for international students.
  4. The IsDB-ISFD Scholarship Programme is also available for the students.

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Host University

The Islamic Scholarship 2024 provides a brilliant chance for students to get their higher education at public or government universities in their home country or IsDB member countries and also achieve their goals of development.

Degree Levels in IsDB

  1. Undergraduate degree program
  2. Master’s degree program
  3. Ph.D. degree program
  4. Post-doctoral degree program

Deadline for Islamic Bank Scholarship 2024

The last date for the IsDB scholarship program is April 30, 2024, so come and get scholarships from all across the world.

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How To Apply for the Islamic Bank Scholarship 2024

  1. The students have to apply online for this program.
  2. The students have to create their accounts for online applications through the official website of Islamic Bank Development.
  3. Students make sure to provide all the relevant documents and contact details including their Email addresses accurately for the Islamic Development Scholarship 2024.
  4. The students are not required to pay any application fee while applying for the IsBD Scholarship.
  5. The students have to get themselves listed with one of the top public universities at home while applying for the Islamic Development Scholarship 2024.
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