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Jason Lang Scholarship 2024 in Canada-Eligibility, Apply Online | Worth $1,000

Hello, everyone. Welcome to hsfscholarship.com. Today, our topic is all about the Jason Lang Scholarship in the year 2024. This is one of the best scholarships in Canada. The article contains authentic and complete information about this program, so stay with us and read the article completely.

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The Jason Lang Scholarship Program was established in memory of Jason Lang. The late Jason Lang is a 17-year-old high school student who was killed in a school shooting attack. This Scholarship is Offered annually to continuing undergraduate students in any faculty who achieved a minimum GPA of 3.20 on all courses of study (minimum 24.00 units) completed over the previous fall and winter term exams.

Candidates must be continuing full-time at an eligible Alberta post-secondary institution in the fall and winter terms exams. Alberta Student Aid will send a cheque to the home address of eligible recipients or students in December for students who applied by September 30.

These jasan lang scholarships are funded by the Government of Alberta through Alberta Advanced Education. The University of Alberta administers them in conjunction with Alberta Student Aid for the prosperity of the students.

Important Summary About Jason Lang Scholarship in Canada

Host University: Jason Lang
Degree Program: Bachelors
Deadline: Between February 1 and September 15
Program Duration: 4 Year
Fully Funded: Yes
Students Eligibility: Canadian Students
Worth: $1,000

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Eligibility Criteria For Jason Scholarship 2024

  • Be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada(or born in Canada) are eligible for the program.
  • Students must Have a minimum GPA of 3.2 between September and April of the previous academic year at an eligible Alberta post-secondary institution in Canada and are eligible for the program.
  • Have completed a percentage of 80% of a full-normal course load (i.e., at least 24 units of course weight for most programs) between September and April of the previous academic year at an eligible Alberta post-secondary institution with a high percentage eligible for this program.
    1. Students who are transferred will be assessed for the Scholarship by the institution they are currently studying and are encouraged to apply by the Fall Application Deadline every single year.
    2.  Students who are transferred are not eligible for the Louise McKinney Scholarship anyway.
  • Continuing in the second or similar year of an undergraduate degree program or continuing in any year of a professional or after-degree program is also eligible for the Scholarship.
  • Be enrolled full-time in at least one term in the upcoming academic year for maximum chances.
  • You have to be an Alberta Resident as mentioned by the Alberta Scholarship Act:
    1. A person who has maintained permanent residence in Alberta for 12 consecutive months immediately before attending a post-secondary institution is eligible.
    2. A person whose parents or guardians have maintained permanent residence in Canada for 12 consecutive months immediately before commencing post-secondary studies and residing in Alberta is eligible for the Lang scholarship.
    3. A person who was married to an Alberta resident immediately after commencing post-secondary studies is also eligible.

Louise McKinney Scholarship: Value: $2,500 for the students. To be selected for the Louise McKinney Scholarship, students must apply by the Fall Application Deadline.

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Host Nationality

The Scholarship is to be taken in Canada only. If you are an international student and you desire to study abroad then Check out the best scholarships obtainable to study in Canada for every international student.

Jason Lang Benefits

Scholarships are valued at $1,000 each. This Scholarship recognizes and rewards the outstanding academic achievement of Alberta post-secondary students and encourages them to continue in their undergraduate or professional program of study.

Jason Lang Scholarship Deadline

The deadline is between February 1 and September 15, so come and get fully funded scholarships in 2024 in Canada.

Jason Lang Scholarship Worth

The worth of the Scholarship is 1,000 Dollars for each student, which is a good amount for candidates who get a scholarship in Canada

How To Apply for the Jason Lang Scholarship in 2024

Application for the Jason Lang’s scholarships program can be done online using the Student Awards application form Apply for Awards.

Apply Link

What is the Jason Lang scholarship for in Canada?

This Scholarship and the Louise McKinney Scholarship recognize and reward the outstanding academic achievements of Alberta post-secondary students who have excellent marks. This will encourage them to continue in their undergraduate or professional programs of study to secure their future.

How many times can you apply for the Jason Lang scholarships?

Received a lifetime maximum of three scholarships for those meeting criteria. A term is defined as a study period of up to 17 weeks in length, as mentioned.

What is the Louise McKinney scholarship?

 This Scholarship was Established in honor of Louise McKinney; the Louise McKinney Post-secondary Scholarship recognizes and gives rewards to students for their academic achievements and encourages them to continue in their undergraduate or professional program of study and become an asset to the country. Value is $2,500.

How much money is the Jason Lang scholarships?

Scholarships, valued at $1,000 each time first recognize and reward the outstanding academic achievement of Alberta post-secondary students and encourage them to continue in their undergraduate or professional field.

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