Labour Card Scholarship 2024 in India-Eligibility. Apply Online | Worth UPTO Rs 70,000

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Today, our topic is the Labour Card Scholarship in 2024. This is one of the best scholarships in India. The article contains authentic and complete information about this program, so stay with us and read the article thoroughly.

The Labour Card scholarship is intended to assist economically challenged students of society who are unable to secure adequate funding to pursue their professional education and bright careers. 

Through the courses they seek in India, the scholars will receive financial assistance from various initiatives. Students will find information about the scholarship and the A-Z application instructions for submitting their application online. In addition, for better understanding, we will outline the eligibility requirements and selection process followed by the authority for this award.

Labor card scholarships are made accessible by the Ministry of Labour and Employment specifically for unorganized/low-income sector workers in the country, who are qualified to enroll their children in these scholarships so that their children would have suitable possibilities in the future to grow well. All working and employed individuals who earn less than a specified amount in a given fiscal year will be entitled to apply for these types of scholarships to get financial assistance for their children’s enrollment in prestigious courses across the nation from all over India.

Important Summary Labour Card Scholarship 2024

Host University: Labour Card
Degree Program: Different program
Deadline: Check the official Website
Host Country India
Fully Funded: Yes
Students Eligibility: Indian Citizens
Worth: UPTO Rs 70,000

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Eligibility criteria Labor card scholarship 2024

To be eligible for this scholarship, the students must fulfil the following requirements.

  1. The parents of the students must have at least six months of service at Beedi, iron ore manganese & chrome ore mines, limestone & dolomite mines. This includes contract/Gharkhata (home-based) employees for the scholarship.
  2. There are no limitations on the salary they receive. Mineworkers who perform manual, unskilled, highly skilled, and clerical work are eligible for all labour benefit organization welfare schemes.
  3. Monthly salary maximum of Rs.10,000 Indian, individuals in supervisory and administrative positions are eligible to participate in various benefit programs being offered.
  4. The candidate must have passed the most recent qualifying exam on the first try. However, students promoted to the following class are also eligible to apply for the awards mentioned earlier.

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The scholars who pursue their studies via correspondence are ineligible as follows.

  1. Scholarship candidates must regularly be accepted into accredited Indian schools for any general or technical education program, including medical, engineering, and agricultural degrees. The following student groups, however, are not permitted to receive scholarships under this Labour Card scheme.
  2. Applicants who have completed one level of school are now studying a different subject at the same level—B.Sc. after B.A. or B.A. after B.Com., or M.A. in one topic after M.A. in another.
  3. Candidates who pursue further education in a different field after finishing their studies in one, such as a B.T. or B.Ed. after receiving an L.L.B.
  4. The educational institution must be government or government-recognized in the country.
  5. Applicants who receive grants or stipends from any other source are ineligible for this program.

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The granted scholarship is subject to cancellation in the following situations.

  1.  If it is determined that the scholar obtained the scholarship by making fraudulent assertions, the scholarship will be revoked.
  2.  If a scholarship recipient abandons their studies, the scholarship will be terminated as of the date of such abandonment.
  3.  In a situation where the scholar changes the subject or institution of study for which the scholarship was initially provided without the approval of the Welfare Commissioner.
  4. If the student fails to show good academic progress during the academic year for which the scholarship was awarded, has poor attendance, or is guilty of misconduct, the scholarship will be revoked.
  5.  In case the parent(s) of the student no longer works at Beedi/Mine presently.

The Applicant should maintain an independent bank account. In the case of a Joint family Account, the Scholar’s first name should be used. Multiple children of the same worker must also provide the family’s unique bank account number. Each student needs to provide a unique mobile number separately.

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Scholarship Benefits 

The Labour Card Scholarship 2024 provides the following types of incentives for students.

  1. Scholarship for awarding educational assistance (scholarships) to the children of Beedi employees.
  2. Scholarship for awarding educational assistance (scholarships) to the children of iron ore, manganese ore, and chrome ore mine (IOMC) Employees.
  3. Scholarship for providing educational assistance (scholarships) to the children of limestone and dolomite mine (LSDM) employees.
  4. Scholarship for awarding educational assistance (scholarships) to the children of cine workers

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Documents required 

The Applicant must provide the following material to get this Labour Card Scholarship 2024.

  1. Photo
  2. Copy of the worker’s national identity card (Form B register number in case of mineworkers).
  3. Copy of the front page of the Bank Pass Book or cancelled cheque (which should include account holder/beneficiary information).
  4. Certificate or mark sheet of the student’s previous academic year.
  5. Certificate of income documents by the Revenue Authority

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Scholarship Importance and Value 

  1. The availability of labour card scholarships in 2024 will benefit all economically deprived individuals in society.
  2. The applicants will receive cash benefits based on the course they are pursuing and benefits from several related programs.
  3. Applicants can renew their labour cards and applications for annual academic scholarships annually.

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Application Procedure for Labour Card Scholarship 

Students must visit the official website of the national scholarship portal. To apply for the scholarship, the following simple steps must be followed:

The homepage will load on your display/official website.

  1. Click the link given on the site ‘New Registration.’
  2. The directions will appear on the screen.
  3. Check the declaration box.
  4. Select the “Continue” button.
  5. Put all relevant information.
  6. Put your name, date of birth, cell phone number, gender, email address, bank information, etc.
  7. Put the verification code.
  8. Click “Register” from the menu.
  9. Students must now log in using their credentials.
  10. Choose the selection Application Form.
  11. The application form will appear on the display screen.
  12. Insert information such as the state of residence, name of the student, date of birth, community/category, father’s name, etc.
  13. Then click the button “Save and Continue.”
  14. Upload the required files that they demanded.
  15. Click on the button“Final Submission.”
  16. The student’s application form will be submitted successfully.
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What is the cost of a labour card?

The card cost is often between Rs 100 and Rs 5000, depending on the category type.

Where do I get a labour card?

Visiting a Tahseel service centre near you is a second simple approach to obtaining your labour card without any issues.

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