MPTAAS Scholarship 2024 in India-Eligibility, Apply Online | Worth INR 230 to INR 1,500

Hello, everyone. Welcome to, Today, our topic is about the MPTAAS Scholarship in the year 2024. This is one of the best scholarships in India. The article contains authentic and complete information about this program, so stay with us and read the article completely.

Education is the right of every human being, so no one can not stop anyone from getting a better education. However, many students struggle to pay for their academic expenditures, and many even have to drop out due to their weak financial situation. The Madhya Pradesh Tribal Welfare Department has provided the Madhya Pradesh Tribal Affairs Automation System Scholarship 2024 (MPTAAS) for all Madhya Pradesh students to assist the underprivileged and financially weak students of reserved categories, such as Other Backward Classes (OBC), Scheduled Castes (SC), and Scheduled Tribes (ST), in light of these types of challenges.

This is a fine step taken to help underprivileged students of backward classes by giving them financial help for their education in school, college, and higher studies in the future. Under this scholarship scheme, students are given financial assistance to complete their education at all extents. Benefits in the form of financial help, from INR 230 to INR 1,500 (depending upon the student’s eligibility), are directly transferred to the scholar’s bank accounts. However, this Scholarship is only for students who are permanent residents of Madhya Pradesh, not for all Indians.

This article provides a detailed understanding of the scholarship program, including its eligibility requirements, application process, scholarship amount, game-based distribution, key paperwork, and other important details to guide you for this Scholarship.

The good news for those waiting for the MPTAAS scholarship 2024 is that online applications are now being accepted. Online applications for post-matriculation scholarships for SC and ST students were previously available, and an online application process for OBC students was launched recently.

Important Summary About MPTAAS Scholarship 2024

Host University: MPTAAS
Degree Program: Bachelors, Masters, PhD Program
Deadline: Update soon
Host Country India
Fully Funded: Yes
Students Eligibility: Madhya Pradesh
Worth: INR 230 to INR 1,500

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Eligibility Criteria For the MPTAAS Scholarship 2024

  1. The students must currently reside in the state of Madhya Pradesh and be an Indian citizen.
  2. A student must be enrolled in a school that provides both 11th and 12th-grade coursework and graduate or doctoral-level courses.
  3. The student’s family should not earn more than 6 lakh rupees per year at the time of the Scholarship.
  4. The student’s family should not be permitted to have any positions with the government for this program.

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Scholarship objective

The main objective of the government of Madhya Pradesh is to establish a scholarship program to assist interested students who are lower caste or scheduled tribe members in receiving financial aid for their education to groom properly. Make sure that student’s financial resources are available for the students. Moreover, students should be urged to obtain a higher degree from the university. This Scholarship will provide all students who are struggling financially with more push mentally free of financial issues.

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Scholarship benefits

Different perks are offered, including the following, depending on the student’s qualifications and various stream programs.

  1. There is a total of Rs 230 for scholars and Rs 380 for hostellers for students in the eleventh and twelfth grades.
  2. An amount of Rs 300 is required for graduate-level new courses like, B.Sc., and BA that are not part of Group I and II, and a total of Rs 570 is required for hostelers living in Madhya Pradesh.
  3. Student nurses, pharmacists, and lawyers enrolled in UG/PG business courses Students are eligible for Rs 530. At the same time, Madhya Pradesh residents who live in hostels are eligible for a total of Rs 820.
  4. For M.Phil., Ph.D., UG, PG, Management, and Engineering, The primary goal of the Scholarship is to offer financial help to underprivileged students who cannot continue their higher education. For scholars, the total award is Rs 550, and for hosts, it is Rs 1500 approx.

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Scholarship Documents Requirement

The following is a list of the MPTAAS Scholarship 2024 required documentation for application.

  1. Certificates of Caste for students are required for this Scholarship
  2. Scorecard for the qualifying examination
  3. Income Certificate
  4. Recent Fee Invoice and Acceptance Letter
  5. residence proof
  6. Student ID documentation
  7. Student’s bank passbook
  8. photograph

Scholarship worth

The Worth of this Scholarship in India is INR 230 to INR 1,500. So, students must apply and get an award from this scholarship program in India.

Scholarship deadline

30 Nov 2023 was the last date, and 2024 has not yet been announced; we will update soon.

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What is the MPTAAS Scholarship Portal’s Online Application Process?

  1. Students must first access the official website to apply for this Scholarship.
  2. Students have to click the link to register a new beneficiary profile.
  3. After that, the student screen will then display the registration page, and the next process will start.
  4. Now, carefully and accurately enter all the necessary information here.
  5. Then press the Submit button which means students complete the process.
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Question No 01- What is MPTAAS?

Ans: MPTAAS is a scholarship program by the Indian government for the residents of Madhya Pradesh and is one of India’s best programs. Only students of Madhya Pradesh can apply for this scholarship program and avail themselves of the benefits, so students who live in Madhya can apply easily. This scholarship aims to provide uninterrupted financial assistance to lower-class and underprivileged students like SC and ST to continue their higher studies. Hence, they never miss the opportunity to study in India in 2024.

Question No 02- Who is eligible for the MPTAAS Scholarship?

Ans: The Scholarship is valid only for SC (Schedule Caste) and ST (Schedule Tribe) pupils, so students must apply for this wonderful Scholarship.

Question No 03- What is the official website of MPTAAS?

Ans: The official website of this MPTAAS is given below:

Question No 04- What is the MPTAAS App?

Ans: App-based services are becoming increasingly popular, and it is no surprise that even scholarships are now available through an app, so students who know about these scholarships will not miss the opportunity. One of the best scholarships in India, MPTAAS is a new app that offers Indian students (who are applying for MPTAAS) various benefits and lets them declare their income, Aadhar card number, domicile certificate form, and other information. Students from various states come and apply here to study in India.

By simply registering on this MPTAAS app, students can easily apply for the scholarship schemes and also download this app, which is completely related to the Scholarship, which helps you so much. Also, share this app with your friends. Furthermore, students can submit their e-KYC and send their application to the district portal via this app and students must get a good experience when they apply for this Scholarship in India.

Question No 05- How can I contact the officials of the MPTAAS scholarship program?

Ans: Below are the contact details of the MPTAAS officials:

  • Official Helpdesk Number is: 1800-2333-951 
  • Official Email Address is:
  • Students can contact them through number or emails

Question No 06- Who organizes and manages the MPTAAS scholarship program?

Ans: This scholarship program 2024 is settled and presented by the Tribal Welfare Department in Madhya Pradesh. Only eligible students can apply for this wonderful Scholarship in 2024. The state is responsible for performing and governing all the scholarship procedures so students never miss this wonderful chance.