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The NUS Global Merit Scholarship is a brilliant scholarship offered by the National University of Singapore to international undergraduate students who have brilliant academic records and a strong track record in co-curricular activities like sports. NUS Merit Scholarship covers full tuition fees, a living allowance, and an allowance for a laptop, airfare, and settling-in expenses.

The NUS Global Merit Scholarship is awarded based on academic excellence, leadership potential, and a good commitment to community service. Scholars of the scholarship are expected to maintain a high level of academic achievement and actively participate in NUS campus life through various co-curricular activities.

The NUS Global Merit Scholarship provides a good opportunity for outstanding students from all around the world to study at one of Asia’s leading universities and get a world-class education in a diverse and dynamic environment.

Important Summary NUS Merit Scholarship

Host University: NUS Merit
Degree Program: Given below
Deadline: 31 March 2023
Host Country Singapore
Fully Funded: Yes
Students Eligibility: Singapore Citizens
Worth: S$4,37

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Eligibility for NUS Merit Scholarship 2023

Here are some general eligibility criteria that students must meet to be considered for most Global Merit Scholarship

  1. Applicant must have citizenship in Singapore
  2. Student Possesses strong leadership qualities and the potential to lead.
  3. Student Possesses a strong track record of extracurricular activities, particularly in sports. applicant must hold a Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level, local polytechnic diploma, International Baccalaureate diploma, NUS High School diploma, or equivalent qualifications.
  4. Students must apply to NUS for admission to a full-time undergraduate degree program
  5. . Scholarships for Dentistry and Medicine for the students are limited.

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Benefits of NUS Merit Scholarship 2024

  1. Tuition costs (after MOE Tuition Grant subsidy)
  2. Annual living allowance of S$6,000
  3.  If a scholar is staying on campus, the annual accommodation allowance is S$4,375 by scholarship.
  4. A one-semester Student Exchange Programme (SEP) with one of NUS’s overseas partner universities is guaranteed by scholarship.
  5.  This scholarship guarantee only applies to residence halls and student residences, not to residential colleges.
  6. The scholarship has no strings attached to others.

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Tyes of NUS Merit Scholarship

NUS Global Merit Scholarships are available in two tiers to prospective university students:

  1. Global Merit Scholarship at NUS
  2. Merit Scholarship at NUS

NUS Sports Scholarship 2024 for Singapore Citizens

The NUS Sports Scholarship is a scholarship awarded to undergraduate students who have proven exceptional sporting talent and achievements at national or international levels. The scholarship provides full tuition fees, a living allowance, and an allowance for sports-related expenses.

The scholarship is awarded based on the student’s sporting achievements and potential, as well as their good academic record and leadership potential. Recipients of the scholarship are expected to prove best in their chosen sport and represent NUS at various competitions.

The NUS Sports Scholarship gives an excellent opportunity for talented athletes to balance their academic pursuits with their passion and hard work for sports and achieve their full potential both in the classroom and in sports.

NUS Performing and Visual Arts Scholarship 2023 for Singapore Citizens

The NUS Performing & Visual Arts Scholarship is a scholarship awarded to undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding art talent and potential in performing and visual arts. The NUS Merit Scholarship claims full tuition fees, a living allowance, and an allowance for arts-related expenses for the students.

The NUS Merit Scholarship is awarded based on the student’s artistic achievements and potential, as well as their good academic record and leadership potential. Recipients of the scholarship have to participate actively in NUS’s arts community and contribute to the cultural life of the NUS university.

The NUS Performing & Visual Arts Scholarship provides an excellent opportunity for talented artists to continue their artistic passions while receiving an excellent education at one of Asia’s leading universities.

To be considered for both tiers of the NUS Merit Scholarship, the NUS Sports Scholarship, and the NUS Performing & Visual Arts Scholarship, eligible students should submit a single scholarship application to NUS.

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Application Details and Deadline

Students for the Wee Cho Yaw Future Leaders Award must apply for both NUS Scholarships and NUS Financial Aid in their respective matriculation years. After submitting an admission application, students must apply for NUS scholarship Financial Aid by March 31, 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NUS merit scholarship hard to get?
The NUS Merit Scholarships are highly beneficial scholarships awarded to high-caliber students who demonstrate academic excellence, present excellent co-curricular activity records, and exhibit outstanding leadership qualities.
How do I get a NUS Global Merit scholarships?
Be a Singapore citizen. student must show strong leadership qualities and potential. Students have a good co-curricular activities record.
How much is the NUS merit scholarships worth?
NUS scholarships for Singapore Citizens—NUS-funded scholarships
    NUS Global Merit Scholarship            $51,000 – $57,580
    NUS Sports Scholarship                             $41,500
Does NUS give scholarships to international students?
NUS offers direct PhD scholarships to brilliant individuals of all nationalities who have achieved excellent academic performance for their Bachelor’s degree. academic excellence and strong research potential.
Is the NUS merit scholarship transferable?
The NUS Global Merit Scholarship is offered to read an undergraduate course at NUS and is tenable for the normal candidature period for a student. The NUS Merit Scholarship may be transferred to all courses except Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Music, and Yale-NUS College.
How do you know if NUS accepted you?
Students can log in to the Applicant Portal with their 8-digit Application Number and PIN to track their application status and for regular updates. The outcome of applications for most students (except Indian Standard 12, Gao Kao, and IB applicants) will be released periodically, up to the end of June every year.
What is the scholarship offered by NUS?
The NUS Scholarships are freshmen scholarships given to identify and support outstanding Singapore Citizen students who demonstrate academic excellence, high intellectual capacity, sound character, strong leadership potential, and a passion for creativity and innovation and be beneficial for society.
Q: How hard is it to get into NUS as an international student in 2024?
A: The acceptance rate for NUS is less than 10% which means there is high competition and students with excellent academic records can only get admitted there. Out of 100 only 10 students are able to get the chance for a scholarship.
How many courses can I apply for NUS?
Students can apply for a maximum of eight single-degree choices and another eight double-degree, concurrent degree, double major, minor, and specialization programs.
Does the NUS scholarship require an interview?
Only students who satisfy the eligibility requirements will be shortlisted. Most of the Scholarships will require an interview before the grant of the scholarship. Students who are already recipients of other Scholarships are not eligible for NUS scholarships.
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