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A polytechnic course allows students to take a diploma or vocational degree based on technical education. It is an advanced learning environment. You can learn this course after your 10th board or even after completing your 12th. The candidates who are enrolled in their 1st year of polytechnic courses from the government college will fill out the registration form for Scholarship for Polytechnic Students.

This scholarship program is specially presented for polytechnic students. The selected student will receive an amount of benefit which covers their whole course fees. If you are in 1st year of your course, then you avail the benefit of a scholarship for the rest of the 3 years of your degree.

Candidates who are pursuing polytechnic courses and worried about their college fees now don’t have to take that much tension. A scholarship program named Scholarship for Polytechnic Students 2024 is launched for all students in India. This scholarship will introduce 9 different types of scholarships for all government polytechnic candidates. All these scholarships aim to offer financial assistance in the form of scholarships. Hence, the beneficiary candidates pay their college expenses.

The Scholarship for Polytechnic Students aims to stimulate and motivate the polytechnic students of government colleges to continue their courses with full dedication and interest without any concern about paying college fees. Candidates need to focus on their studies. Candidates will be awarded this scholarship depending on their academic standing or the grades they received on their last exam.

Important Summary About Scholarship for Polytechnic Students 2024

Host University: Polytechnic
Degree Program: Different Program
Deadline: 18 April 2024
Program Duration: According to the Program
Fully Funded: Yes
Students Eligibility: Indian Students
Worth: According to the program

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Eligibility Criteria for Scholarship for Polytechnic Students

Students must meet the following qualifying requirements to register online for the Scholarship for Polytechnic Students.

NSP Scholarship The candidates must be Indian citizens enrolled in polytechnic programs at Indian government colleges.

NEC Scholarship The candidates must be enrolled in polytechnic or diploma-level studies while residing in one of India’s northeastern regions.

State Engineering & Technology Merit Scholarship The candidates must be studying a technical degree, diploma, postgraduate degree, master’s degree, or Mtech.

Post Matric Scholarship The candidates must be OBC members and be enrolled in polytechnic or diploma programs, with a minimum annual income of Rs. 1.5 lakhs.

Post Matric Scholarship For Minorities The candidates must be a member of a minority group, have received 50% on their last exam, and earn Rs. 2 lakh a year.

Pragati Scholarship For Girl Students The candidates must be a girl, enrolled in her first year of a diploma program, and have an annual income of at least Rs. 8 lakhs.

Merit Cum Means Scholarships For Professional and Technical Courses The candidates must have at least 50% in the exam from the prior year and be enrolled in a technical or professional level course at the Polytechnic College.

Saksham Scholarship For Disabled Students This scholarship will only be given to PWD students who have been taken for a first-year degree or diploma study in the technical stream and have a 40% disability grade. The candidate’s annual income cap must be Rs. 8 lakh.

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Benefits of Scholarship for Polytechnic Students

The following are the advantages of Scholarships for Polytechnic Students available to the scholars:-

  1. The Scholarship For Polytechnic scholars is available under the National Scholarship Portal.
  2. The scholarship will offer financial assistance to candidates who enrolled in polytechnic studies.
  3. The scholarship will offer 9 different types of scholarships, with different criteria and benefits for the students.
  4. Candidates can choose from a selection of 9 scholarships by submitting an online application.
  5. Candidates pursuing certificates, degrees, and PhDs from the NER states would receive financial aid ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000.
  6. Scholarships will be delivered to disabled students enrolled in technical programs at colleges recognized by the AICTE.
  7. Candidates will be able to make programs of investment recognized in the development of their careers.
  8. For the amount of the scholarship offered under the Scholarship For Polytechnic Students, students may enroll in any polytechnic study.
  9. Candidates may enroll in these courses after finishing class in grades 10 or 12.
  10. This will examine the pupils’ educational and employment options for the students.
  11. Scholarships ranging from Rs. 5400 to Rs. 7800 will be awarded to Candidates who live in NER states to help them pay for general, vocational, and technical education.
  12. PWD scholars will receive a yearly stipend of Rs. 50,000 for pursuing a diploma or degree in the technical field if they have a 40% disability mark.

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Amount of Scholarship

  • Scholarship
    • Diploma Scholarship Amount
  • NSP Scholarship
    • Fully Funded
  • NEC Scholarship
    • Diploma = Rs. 20,000/- Per Annum Degree = Rs. 22,000/- Per AnnumPG = Rs. 25,000/- Per Annum M.Phil or PhD = Rs. 30,000/- Per Annum
  • State Engineering & Technology Merit Scholarship
    • Fully Funded Scholarship
  • Post Matric Scholarship
    • The reader levies fees for research tripsFees for typing the thesis
  • Post Matric Scholarship For Minorities
    • Admission & Tuition Fees = UG and PG Degrees = Rs. 3,000/- Per AnnumMaintenance
    • Allowance = UG and PG degree in Technical or Professional CoursesScholars = Rs. 300/-
    • Per MonthHostelers = Rs. 570/- Per Month
  • Ishan Uday Special Scholarship Scheme For North Eastern Region
    • General Degree Course = Rs. 5400/- Per Month Technical/Medical/Professional/paramedical Courses = Rs. 7800/- Per Month
  • Pragati Scholarship For Girl Students
    • Tuition Fee = Rs. 30,000/-Learning Device Allowance = Rs. 30,000/-
  • Merit Cum Means Scholarships For Professional and Technical Courses
    • Scholarship Amount = Rs. 20,000/-Maintenance Allowance:-Scholars = Rs. 500/- Per MonthHostelers = Rs. 1000/- Per Month
  • Saksham Scholarship For Disabled Students
    • Degree = Rs. 50,000/- Per Annum Diploma = Rs. 50,000/- Per Annum

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Academic Progress Is Required for Registration

The selection of qualified scholars for the creation of the Beneficiary List will be based primarily on the academic performance of the Candidates. Academic performance, including last year’s exam results and attendance history, will be brought into regard when evaluating Candidates. Applicants must have received between 50% and 60% of the possible points in their last year’s exams, as well as a 75% attendance rate.

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I’m a 12th-pass student and want to be admitted to a Polytechnic course. Can I apply for this scholarship for polytechnic students?

No, at that time, you can’t appear for the scholarship, once you select the specific course then, only you may register for the scholarship.

Any polytechnic students can apply for the scholarship? Or are there any special criteria?

Suppose you are a learner of a government college and pursuing a polytechnic course. In that case, you can apply for the same scholarship.

What is the amount of benefit one can avail through the scholarship?

The amount of benefit varies from scholarship to scholarship regarding the course they selected.

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