Shakespeare Scholarship 2024-Eligibility, Apply Online | Worth $3,000

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Today, our topic is the Shakespeare Scholarship in the year 2024. This is one of the best scholarships in 2024. The article contains authentic and complete information about this program, so stay with us and read the article completely.

Scholarships goal for doctoral students with an excellent university degree and they are serving very well in this field. Students receiving the scholarship can demonstrate a conceptual connection between the research project and get a fully funded scholarship. The main purpose of the graduate supporters is the early modern period in a broader sense, including the baroque and the processes of its reception and transformation to the present day. This scholarship program gives students benefits and financial aid.

This program was announced in 1863. A group of prominent citizens in the Colony of Victoria undertook an appeal to raise funds to commemorate three hundred years from Shakespeare’s birth the following year and introduce this scholarship program. In 1866, the University Council agreed to accept the £752 collected and establish a perpetual scholarship in this honor; this scholarship is the world’s best scholarship program.

The scholarship is awarded to the student who submits the best essay on the subject of Shakespeare, as judged by the English and Theatre Studies Program Board of Examiners, so all international students are allowed to get this scholarship in 2024.

Important Summary Shakespeare Scholarship 2024

Host University: Shakespeare
Degree Program: Masters and PhD program
Deadline: Visit Official Website
Host Country Given Below
Fully Funded: Yes
Students Eligibility: Australian / domestic student and International student
Worth: $3,000

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Eligibility Criteria for Shakespeare Scholarship 2024

  1. Students must be enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Melbourne and taking an English and Theatre Studies course in their second, third, or fourth year are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.
  2. Students must have graduated from the University of Melbourne within the last year with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree with a major in English and Theatre Studies. Hence, they are eligible for these Scholarships.
  3. Accept award online within 21 days for this program.
  4. Write a letter of appreciation to the committee upon acceptance of the award in the year 2024.

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Scholarship Required documents 

PhD students wishing to submit their candidature for the Shakespeare Foundation Scholarship in Germany must submit the following documents. Students must read the following requirements and apply for this wonderful scholarship in 2024.

  1. The application form is required for this scholarship program.
  2. A short description of the research project (10-15 lines) is required for this scholarship.
  3. It may be published on the websites of the German Foundation and the Klassik Stiftung Weimar if a scholarship is granted are required for this scholarship.
  4. A more detailed description of the research project, which profiles the research interest, outlines the current research situation, represents the preparatory work, and explains the specific support of the research project by a stay in Weimar (5-6 pages), is required for the scholarship.
  5. A tabular CV, list of publications, and certificates are also required for the scholarship. 
  6. A letter of recommendation from a university lecturer on the research project is also required.

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Scholarship Benefits

The funding period is two to three months for the scholarships. Once a year, two fellowships will be received amounting to $3,000 per month, so all students must get this wonderful scholarship in 2024.

Scholarship Deadline

The deadline for the Shakespeare Scholarships 2024 is not included for the year 2024, so all students must visit the official website to check the updated deadline for this program.

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Contact Info

If students have any inquiries, contact the scholarship support team for more details.

How to Apply for Shakespeare Scholarship 2024

  1. Firstly, all eligible students should visit the scholarship application page.
  2. Submit a 4000-word to 5000-word essay on this famous leader to get this scholarship.
  3. Visit the application portal and fill it out after clicking here.
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