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Tuckwell Scholarship 2024 in Australia -Eligibility, Apply Online | Worth $24,700

Hello, everyone. Welcome to hsfscholarship.com, Today, our topic is about the Tuckwell Scholarship in the year 2024. This is one of the best scholarships in Australia. The article contains authentic and complete information about this program, so stay with us and read the article completely.

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This scholarship is the most transformational undergraduate scholarship program in Australia. The Scholarship Program at ANU is a prestigious scholarship that is offered to 25 high-achieving students each year for the students. The scholarship supports students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and a commitment to positively impacting society and securing their future goals.

The scholarship gives on-campus residential costs, books, and general living expenses, and provides additional funding for research and travel allowances. Students are also allowed to attend seminars and workshops according to their religion, design and deliver community-based projects, learn from and be mentored by senior Scholars, and attend a 3-day camp that the University organizes.

Important Summary About Tuckwell Scholarship 2024

Host University:  Tuckwell
Degree Program: Undergraduate
Deadline: Given below
Host Country Australia
Fully Funded: Yes
Students Eligibility: Australian Citizens
Worth: $24,700


Eligibility Criteria of Tuckwell Scholarship 2024

Students should meet the following criteria to be eligible for the scholarship at ANU.

  1. Be eligible to apply to study at ANU in 2024 via the ANU Direct Application system online.
  2. Complete Year 12 full-time in 2024 or undergraduate at a school located in Australia.
  3. Being the start of Semester 1, 2024, in the current year, be 17 years old, 18 years old, or 19 years old on February 20, 2024 (born on or between February 21, 2003, and February 20, 2006).
  4. Students should be Australian citizens, Australian Permanent Residents, or holders of an Australian humanitarian visa from the Embassy and be eligible for the relevant Birth and citizenship certificates.

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Tuckwell Scholarships 2024 Benefits

The Scholarship at ANU provides various benefits and opportunities for Scholars and students.

  1. Financial support of $24,700 per annum (2023 rate) for the length of the undergraduate degree program (studying full-time) in their academic career.
  2. Student accommodation in their respective city.
  3. An allowance to assist with the move to Canberra (capital)and to support two annual return journeys between home and the University for each year of the degree respectively.
  4. ANU Sports Centre membership program.
  5. Mentorship and networking opportunities for the future, so students must get this fully funded scholarship in Australia.
  6. Access to ANU Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership courses for students.
  7. With Free ANU Fitness Centre membership or funding up to $450 per annum for health and wellbeing activities external to the ANU Fitness Centre.
  8. Free Mental Health First Aid education for scholars.

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Required Documents for the Tuckwell Program

Students must provide the following document to apply for the Tuckwell Scholarship Program at ANU.

  1. ANU Direct Application form is required.
  2.  Stage 1 Application Form is required.
  3. An academic transcript for Year 11 and Year 12 or undergraduate is required.
  4. Birth Certificate, Citizenship Certificate, or Visa is required.
  5. Curriculum Vitae (CV) is required for the Tuckwell program.
  6. Well-written Personal Statement is required.
  7. A reference letter from the Principal of the applicant’s current school is required.

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Tuckwell Scholarships 2024 Deadlines

Before students are interested in applying for the scholarship at ANU, it is important to be aware of the following dates and deadlines

  1. ANU Direct Application deadline: April 3, 2024 for the first
  2. Step 1 Application deadline is April 12, 2024
  3. Step 2 longlisting results notification is April 28, 2024.
  4. Stage 3 application period: 15-26 May 2024.
  5. Stage 4 in-person interviews: 7-9 July 2024.

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How to Increase Your Scholarship Chances?

To increase student’s chances of being selected for the Tuckwell Scholarship Program at ANU, here are some tips for students.

  1. Students should focus on academic performance and aim for a high ATAR score.
  2. Students participate in extra-curricular activities and demonstrate leadership potential.
  3. Students should write a compelling personal statement showcasing their character, passion, and commitment to positively impacting society.
  4. Students should secure a strong reference letter from your Principal or a teacher who knows you well.
  5. Students should Prepare thoroughly for the in-person interview and demonstrate their alignment with the Tuckwell attributes.

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Q: How many scholarships are offered each year by the Tuckwell scholarship?

The Tuckwell Scholarship Program at ANU offers 25 scholarships each year for the students.

Q: What is the financial support offered to Tuckwell Scholars or students?

Tuckwell Scholars receive $24,700 yearly (2023 rate) each year for the length of the undergraduate degree program (studying full-time) to cover on-campus residential costs, books, and general living expenses for students.

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The Tuckwell Scholarship Program 2024 at ANU is an excellent and prestigious scholarship program that offers a range of support and opportunities for high-achieving students committed to positively impacting society and world innovations. If you meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in applying for a scholarship, submit your application before the deadline and follow the process carefully mentioned above. With dedication, hard work, and a strong passion for learning, you could be one of the 25 Tuckwell Scholars selected each year for this wonderful scholarship.

How to Apply for the Tuckwell Scholarship Program in Australia

The application process for the scholarship involves three stages for successful scholarship:

  • Students should complete and submit the ANU Direct Application form.
  • Students who are selected in Stage 1 will be called to complete the longer questions in Stage
  • This Stage gives the Selection Panel insight into who you are and your academic scholarship achievements.
  • Selected students will be invited for an in-person interview at ANU.
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