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German Scholarship HSF Program-For Pakistani Students

Hello, everyone. Welcome to hsfscholarship.com. Today, our topic is the German Scholarship HSF Program in 2024. This is one of the best  scholarships in Germany. The article contains authentic and complete information about this program, so stay with us and read the article thoroughly.

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HSF Program provides scholarships to study at universities in Germany to young graduates and postgraduates who are exceptional in their academic performance, and this scholarship is mainly for Pakistani students. The eligible students are pre-selected by HSF Pakistan, and the HSF Scholarship in Germany is one of the best scholarships in Germany. The funding is granted for five to 24 months, depending on the project, and this scholarship is for all Pakistani students.

HSF provides a complete merit-based German Scholarship Program for young scholars of all faculties from Pakistan, South Asia, and Afghanistan, and students from all over the world can apply for the HSF Scholarships 2024 in Germany. German Scholarship Program 2024 supports studies and research at universities or higher education in Germany, and Germany is one of the top countries in the study system.

German Scholarship Program includes so many things for its scholars. It provides funding, personal mentoring, local activities in university groups, a diverse seminar program, additional capacity-building training, and an international Young Leader network, so students must apply for the full-funded scholarships in Germany.

Important Summary German Scholarship HSF Program

Host University: German
Degree Program: Different Program
Deadline: No deadline
Host Country Germany
Fully Funded: Yes
Students Eligibility: Pakistani Candidates, South Asian
Worth: Given Below

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Financial Support for German Scholarship HSF Program

The funding of the German Scholarship Program 2024 consists of the following:

  1. Through the German Scholarship HSF Program, undergraduate and graduate students will get up to 861 € per month (fixed allowance for 5-24 months).
  2. Students will get up to 1,200 € per month for a PhD.
  3. Students and young researchers (fixed allowance for 5-24 months) for this scholarship
  4. Students will get up to 150 € one-off payment from the German Scholarship Program. 
  5. The reimbursement of printing expenses (provided certain conditions are met) for the students
  6. Complete health insurance coverage in Germany is also provided to students.
  7. The reimbursement of all significant travel expenses to Germany and back to your hometown from the German Scholarship Program 2024

Required Documents 

To apply for the German Scholarship Program, the following documents are required, so read them carefully:

  1. A brief tabular curriculum vitae is required for this HSF Scholarship Program.
  2. Detailed curriculum vitae is also required.
  3. Proof of German language proficiency: minimum level A2 (in German) for courses of study in English and minimum level B2 (in German) for courses of study in German is also required for the German Scholarship Program 2024
  4. A provisional time plan for the academic project is also required.
  5. A recommendation letter confirming personal suitability and academic performance is required for the German Scholarship Program.
  6. For Ph.D. students: A letter from a teacher/lecturer confirming the academic supervision of the student is also required.
  7. For students: written proof of enrolment to the German university is required
  8. For Ph.D. students and researchers: A detailed research project description is required for the German Scholarship HSF.
  9. Other relevant certificates are also required.
  10. HSF Scholarship Documents Requirement 2024 in USA

Please submit all required documents via e-mail to the scholarship, Pakistan Country Office in Islamabad (at)hss.de. Applications are possible all year round (no deadline), and it is one of the best scholarships in Germany. If their application matches HSF’s requirements, the student will be contacted for an interview, so they have to wait.

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How to Apply for the German Scholarship HSF Program

  1. Students must hold a high school diploma or university degree with above-average grades (above 3.0 GPA) for this HSF scholarship German.
  2. Students must be at least 35 years of age for this scholarship.
  3. Students must be actively engaged in voluntary work for the HSF scholarship.
  4. Students must show interest in current political and civil society developments for the HSF scholarship 2024 in Germany.
  5. Students must support democracy, the rule of law, and human rights for the HSF Scholarship in Germany.
  6. Students must have solid German language skills (level A2-B2) for the scholarship in Germany.
  7. Students must be admitted to a German university or higher education institution (for students only) for the HSF scholarship in Germany.

Students living in Germany are welcome to apply for an HSF scholarship directly through the domestic application procedure, which is also a good point for the students.

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